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girl homeschooling and learning at their pace

Homeschooling can help your child develop a great work ethic – and 3 other reasons why you should.

Over the last year, there has been much talk about homeschooling …

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Organisational Skills

Help your child achieve success in school by teaching him/her organisational skills

The Cambridge dictionary defines organisational skills as the ability to use your time, …

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Homework Importance

Why Homework is important to your child’s learning

With the new school year starting, many parents are excited about …

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Homework vs Studying

What’s the difference between doing homework and studying?

Homework is the dreaded word that most parents associate with inconvenience. …

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Studying Method

We think it’s time to change how, when and where your child studies – Part 1

Studying is a skill. So, like any other skill, it should …

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Small lifestyle adjustments make learning easier

How small lifestyle adjustments make learning easier

As we enter spring, the season synonymous with new beginnings, warmth …

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Parent as a career guidance counsellor

The parent as a career guidance counsellor

We all know the importance of career guidance and that is …

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