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Rutega  is a Homeschooling, Online and Afterschool Tutoring Hub with a culmination of 13 years of dedicated work by a team whose passion for education is inspired by a love and passion for those being educated.

Our collective belief is in the ability of each learner to succeed given the right tools and environment. We encourage continuous learning as a lifestyle, not an event, to those who want to achieve academic, leadership, and personal success.

We have designed a Learning Hub meant to stimulate learning and give learners the tools and environment for their success. This is only the beginning. Over the last 10 years, we have found who we are and why we exist. Now, we live our purpose.

Our Academic Offerings

We offer a variety of academic porgrammes across all four school phases. Select a phase below and learn more about how we can assist your child. 


Grade 1 – 3



Grade 4 – 6

Intermediate Phase Homeschooling


Grade 7 – 9


Grade 10 – 12

Online School
” It was a well rounded programme as it not only assisted with her academic achievement. I also had an opportunity to see first hand when i visited on site. It helped as well with strengthening her personal attributes and helped her confidence too. It made her face the exams much better prepared and did very well at the end. ”
” Thank you to Rutega Luigi now enjoys school again. The home schooling programme was just what he needed to regain his confidence.”

” Let me e take this opportunity to show my appreciation for the great work that you and your team do. It is so uplifting to have people like you in our society who contribute to securing a better future for our children and the level of quality in how you shape our future leaders. 
God bless you."