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Teenagers Learning

What Is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling, also known as Home Education, is an alternative programme to mainstream or traditional schooling where a parent of a learner provides education for his/her own child/ren at home or at an educational centre such as Rutega Learning Hubs.

How To Get Your Child/ren Registered

  • Apply
  • Timeframe
  • Rutega's Role

Apply electronically to the head of your Provincial Education Department using the application form Rutega Learning Hubs will provide, and you would have to attach the following documents too:

  • Parent/s certified ID copies,
  • In the case of foreign nationals, certified copies of passport, study permit, work permit or asylum documents are required,
  • Latest copy of school report(if the child was in school before, but if the learner is only starting now you must attach an immunisation card),
  • A weekly timetable which includes contact time per day,
  • Breakdown of terms per year (196 days per year),
  • Learning programme & 
  • A certified copy of your child's birth certificate.


It may take up to 30 days for an application to be processed.


How Rutega Learning Hubs helps parents before and after the Homeschooling registration Process:

  • We develop a comprehensive and individualized Learning Plan for parents to use for the application process and tracking of progress,
  • We provide tuition,
  • Keep records of attendance,
  • Create and keep a portfolio of the learner/s' work,
  • Create and keep an up to date record of the learner/s' progress,
  • Record a portfolio of the educational support given to the learner/s,
  • Keep evidence of continuous assessments of the learner/s' work &
  • Keep evidence of the assessments and examinations at the end of the year.

Which are required by the department to assess progress and progress the learner/s.

Why Homeschool With Rutega Learning Hubs

  • THIRTEEN YEARS of academic support experience,
  • We offer homeschooling for Grade 1 to 12 learners,
  • We offer the flexibility of teaching In-Hub and Virtually,
  • Learners are taught in small group classes,
  • Learning is led by learners, allowing them to learn at their pace,
  • Boosts learners learning confidence,
  • Our programme allows learners to be reintegrated into traditional schooling if they wish to &
  • Our programme employs interactive and blended learning.

Subjects We Offer

These are all the subjects we offer for all the Homeschooling grades respectively.

Foundation Phase

Grade 1 – 3

  • Afrikaans,
  • English,
  • isiZulu,
  • Life Skills,
  • Mathematics,
  • Sepedi &
  • Setswana

Intermediate Phase

Grade 4 – 6

  • Afrikaans,
  • English,
  • isiZulu,
  • Life Skills,
  • Mathematics,
  • Natural Science & Technology,
  • Sepedi,
  • Setswana &
  • Social Science

Senior Phase

Grade 7 – 9

  • Afrikaans,
  • English,
  • isiZulu,
  • Life Skills,
  • Life Orientation, 
  • Mathematics,
  • Natural Science,
  • Sepedi,
  • Setswana,
  • Social Science &
  • Technology

FET Phase

Grade 10 – 12

  • Accounting
  • Afrikaans,
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • English,
  • isiZulu,
  • Life Orientation,
  • Life Science,
  • Mathematics,
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Sepedi,
  • Setswana &
  • Science