Bridge21 Programme: (Senior Phase)

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Senior Phase

Senior Phase

What is the Bridge21 Programme?

The Rutega Bridge21 (Senior Phase) Programme is an online, after-school and weekend programme, developed to aid struggling and performing Grade 7 to 9 learners in improving their current results and setting higher goals.

What is the purpose of the Bridge21 Programme?

The Bridge21 programme deepens learners learning and aids them to better understand themselves in deciding which subject stream they will pursue when they get to grade 10 and beyond. 

What are the benefits of enrolling your child/ren for the Bridge21 Programme?

  • Improve overall academic results,
  • Enjoy learning through blended learning,
  • Improve social skills,
  • Grow confidence, 
  • Learn how to work in a team,
  • Establish discipline,
  • Establish a sense of belonging,
  • Improve the ability to concentrate and 
  • Grow resilience.

What subjects are covered in the Bridge21 (Senior Phase) Programme?

The following subjects are covered in the programme:

  • English,
  • Afrikaans,
  • Mathematics,
  • Natural Science,
  • Social Science and
  • Economic Management Science.

Subjects covered may vary based on the programme type you decide to enroll your child/ren in. Please refer to the fees table below to see which subjects are covered in which programme type.



R 1 650
  • Programme Starts from 14:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday
  • 16 Learners in a Class
  • Daily Homework Assistance
  • Enrichment Lessons in Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, NS, SS & EMS
  • Projects Assistance
  • Tests & Exams Preparation
  • Healthy Meal Daily


R 1 650 R 1 200
  • Enrichment Lessons in Mathematics, English, NS, SS & EMS Three Times a Week, between 16:30 & 18:30
  • 8 Learners in a Class
  • Two-way Learning Engagement
  • Unlimited Access to the Rutega Learning Portal
  • Tests & Exams Preparation


R 1 000
  • Programme Starts from 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturday
  • Enrichment Lessons in Mathematics, English & Afrikaans
  • 16 Learners in a Class
  • Reading Club